About Bill Walz

Bill WalzBill Walz is a teacher of mindful living and consciousness. Academically trained in cultural anthropology and clinical psychology, experientially trained in human potential and transpersonal psychology in the 70’s San Francisco Bay Area, he has practiced as a healer of the wounds and confusion of life experience for thirty-five years, both within and outside of the conventional world of clinical psychology. His work for the last ten years has separated from the realm of professional psychology, reflective of his belief that its structures, methods and philosophy are extensions of, rather than an antidote to, the sickness of the contemporary world.

In the past fifteen years, his work has increasingly enfolded the wisdom and practice of Buddhist psychology with the insights of other cultures and Western transpersonal psychology to bring a path for evolving the human psyche towards its full potential. He has created a completely contemporary wisdom philosophy reflecting the healing power of increased awareness, presence and stillness, of mindful living, as the antidote to the flurry, suffering and confusion of the modern ego dominated mind.

Deeply inspired by the mid-twentieth century theologian/scientist Tielhard de Chardin, he believes in the evolution of consciousness as the healing salvation of individuals and human society. He teaches meditation not only as a practice to ameliorate the tension and confusion of contemporary living, but as a medicine, taken to return us to our natural healthy selves. The reintegration of the individual personality with the eternal witnessing ground of our deepest true nature is not just fancy metaphysical language in his work, but a growing living reality. He became ordained in the Interfaith Church of World Service in 2001 to emphasize the transpersonal, spiritual nature of his healing work.